What Type Of Craps Player Are You?

When we talk about a casino 1bet2u indo, we can never necessarily hide the game of craps, which holds more than an important place. It must be admitted that for decades, there has always been a certain prestige around this game. It is a game whose aura attracts more and more players every day, some even from backgrounds very different.

It is one of the rare games of chance and casino where one will indeed find individuals with motivations and especially with diametrically opposed styles. And even if this game somehow returns a certain image of elegance, the fact remains that we will find these days on the tables of bettors who sometimes certainly find it difficult to fit in the mold, but who will remain, however formidable adversaries.

Modern craps

But before presenting the styles of craps players, it seems important to remind you that many stereotypes and clich├ęs strike the reputation of this game. There is indeed a very particular atmosphere that takes shape during a game of craps. The players also use very precise vocabulary.

Are you an emotional player?

It must be admitted that most craps players often immerse themselves in this somewhat festive atmosphere mixed with anxiety. It is for this reason that they often let their emotions speak when they play, and they are almost all emotional in the soul.

Unless you are a sophisticated player?

We are dealing here with a particularly elegant player, but who can nevertheless remain a bit snobby at times. The sophisticated player is, in fact, the perfect representation of the clients of the casinos that we described to you a little above in our review, namely a character from the 1970s, perfectly dressed and flirtatious. If you are refined and cannot do without a cigar or a glass of alcohol while playing, then you are bound to be a sophisticated player.

Otherwise, you could be a tipster player.

If you do not fit into the previous two categories, then you are the third and last profile of craps players found in casino rooms. You are most certainly the one nicknamed in the jargon, the tipster player. He is a betting specialist here without being endowed with a gift of clairvoyance. But we must admit that his predictions, as inexplicable as it may be, are often correct. These craps players have a real technical mastery of the game and always plan their budget before betting in the game.

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