The List Of The Six Most Unusual Facts About The Casino

Over time and especially over time, casinos around the world have obviously had their share of anecdotes and unusual events, as you will be able to see through our list of the six most unusual facts about the casino.

A first unusual fact about the casino

The word “casino” is actually Italian, and its origin comes from the Italian word “Casa.” You will understand, this word translating by “house” then refers here to the fact that the first casinos were, in fact, “small houses” at the time.

A second unusual fact about the casino

Do you know the devil’s wheel? In fact, it is roulette, which is also called the “devil’s wheel.” The reason is simple since it is due to the fact that the sum of all the figures present gives figure 666 … the figure of the devil. Surprising anyway for a game being supposed to bring luck and bring happiness, right ?!

A third unusual fact about the casino

Did you know that the four families of cards actually represented the four classes of the society of our dear French neighbors? This is also the main reason why the four families of cards were intended to represent the four classes of French society at the time. We then found the nobles represented by the family of spades, traders for the family of tiles, commoners for the family of clovers, and finally, the clergy for the family of hearts.

A fourth unusual fact about the casino

There is a story about a famous loss to the game of King Henry VIII of England.

Indeed and according to legend and after losing to a game of dice, it was King Henry VIII of England who ceded the bells of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London which is currently the cathedral of the diocese; which was built after the destruction of the old building and during the Great Fire of London in 1666.

A fifth unusual fact about the casino

We leave the poker side to talk about one of the legends of this game: Stu Ungar and his famous story around his five balls that we had already told you on our portal last year, but that it is useful to you remember today in this list of the ten most unusual facts about the casino. The story goes that one day, Doyle Brunson would have asked player Stu Ungar if he agreed to play Russian roulette … with a revolver loaded with a single bullet for millions of dollars. And it was then that Stu would have replied that for such a sum, he would even play with five balls.

A sixth unusual fact about the casino

We learn that the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte spent his time playing blackjack when he was in exile on the island of Elba. This is one of the reasons why he has remained one of the most famous blackjack players in history forever.

Admit that all this is rather surprising and we hope that you have discovered some nice anecdotes in this article which will allow you to shine even more during family meals in the coming days.

The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Dealer

It must be admitted that this job is both special while remaining fascinating. A casino dealer is indeed a person who must demonstrate reliability, neutrality, and integrity at all times. If we also obscure the duty to exercise in addition to all that discretion, but also firmness.

This position actually reflects a function that can easily be described as essential in the operation of casinos. A profession that is very widespread around the world and offers opportunities for grandiose travel, fun travel, and even career development. This is the reason why we find it wise to reveal to you what are the essential qualities that must have people wishing to become croupiers.

Technical mastery

You must imperatively have essential technical skills to enter this profession, which sees more and more game rooms open. As a result, demand in terms of positions is growing since there are daily crowds at the growing poker tables. The croupier has, therefore, become a particularly sought after the staff of the gaming establishment.

But it should not be overlooked that this job is primarily based on technical skills. We are dealing here with skills that are necessary indeed to evolve in the environment of the game and the casino without experiencing too great difficulties in achieving it.

Mastery and passion

The dealer must also demonstrate mastery of the playing environment and the associated lingo. It goes without saying that a dealer must perfectly master all aspects of the game he animates at his table. One example among many? He will have to know the combinations of cards and know how to determine in a few fractions of a second who wins … or who loses at his table. And all this, without letting the slightest emotion appear on the face or in his attitudes … Excuse me a little!

The best solution to achieve this is still to know your working tools on your fingertips and, therefore, to know what the shoe is, the rack, the cards, the table, etc., and to know the smallest corners. But that’s not all since we use a certain language in the casino game, depending on the game, which the croupier must then master with as much precision as possible.

Be skilled in calculus.

The skill in calculation and mathematics is, in fact, another characteristic which the croupier must demonstrate. One could even say here that this remains one of the essential skills. It must be said that you will rarely see, disturbingly, a dealer taking out his calculator to assess the gains you win at his table. Not only does this considerably slow down the game, but it also gives a pretty bad image of the casino and the skills of its gaming staff.

A versatile job

Versatility is indeed at its peak in the profession of the croupier, which requires, in fact, both agility, precision, and sense of observation. Indeed, it is undeniable to affirm that the croupier must show versatility in all points. Especially when it is necessary to ensure through his agility during the essential management of cards or tokens of the game, he will also have to be precise in his vocabulary and in the way he explains to clients; as well as having an innate sense of observation to be able to be on the lookout for dishonest players or even check your table plan while keeping an eye on the surroundings.